District 70 Referendum Election Unofficial Results

D70 Election Rersults


Welcome 2017 Officers


Endorsement/Runoff Election Results by Lodge

UPDATED: – 07/16/2017 @ 4:21 AM

Local Lodge 639

LL 639 Unofficial Endorsement Election results

Vote held on July 8, 2017 for Business Representatives are as followed.

The votes are as follows:

1. Tony Larkin (tie with second)
2. Greg Treadwell (tie with first)
3. Stephen Elder
4. Juice Bruner
5. Brent Allen (Coin Toss Completed)
6. Shaun Junkins (Coin Toss Completed)
7. Andi Petersen
8. Rick Harvey
9. Brian Alexander
TIE – Bob Gainer
11. Robert Hunt
TIE – Steve Groom


Local Lodge 708

Here are the results from LL708’s Endorsement/Run-off election held 7/15/17.


1. Rita Rogers
2. Cornell Beard

– Voids -1


1. Tony Larkin
2. Juice Bruner
3. Greg Treadwell
4. Stephen Elder
5. Brent Allen
6 .Gary Barnes
7. Steve Groom
8. Shaun Junkins

– Voids-1


Local Lodge 774

The results of the LL774 Endorsement/Run-off vote on 7/15/17 is as follows:


1. Rita Rogers
2. Cornell Beard
3. Howard Johnson

Secretary Treasurer

1. Susan Thompson
2. Darrell Dutcher
3. Joni Pierce


Business Representatives

1. Robert Hunt
2. Juice Bruner
3. Rick Harvey
4. Tony Larkin
5. Russell Allen
6. Brent Allen
7. Aivi Nguyen
8. Greg Treadwell
9. Shaun Junkins
10. Steve Elder
11. Steve Groom
12. Gary Barnes
13. Kathy Knox
14. Brian Alexander
15. Andi Petersen
16. Gerald Hill
17. Bobby Crawford
18. Shawn Breit
19. Tie for 18 – Tyson Kelly
20. Bob Gainer
21. Jerome Crawford



Local Lodge 839

With LL 839 approval, here are the Unofficial results of the DL 70 Endorsement/Runoff Election for LL839 held on July 8, 2017 are as follows:

Directing Business Rep.
1. Cornell Beard
2. Howard Johnson
3. Rita Rogers

1. Joni Pierce
2. Susan Thompson
3. Jerry Lucas

Business Rep (total of 5 positions for election)
1. Gerald Hill
2. Bobby Crawford
3. Kathy Knox
4. Andi Petersen
5. Tyson Kelly
6. Shawn Breit
7. Brent Allen
8. Tony Larkin
9. Greg Treadwell
10. Robert Hunt
11. Rick Harvey (tie with #10)
12. Russell Allen
13. Tim Bailey
14. Juice Bruner
15. Jerome Crawford
16. Shaun Junkins
17. Stephen Elder
18. Jerry Bockman
19. Gary Barnes
20. Bob Gainer (tie with #19)
21. Steve Groom
22. Brian Alexander

– There were a total of 20 voids

– 10 absentee ballots sent in and the member voted in person– those 10 absentee ballots were not counted.

– The LL 839 Head-Tellers and DL 70 Head-Teller met at the Post Office this morning (07/10) with Postal officials of the Post Office. It was clarified that an absentee envelope postmark for (Friday) July 7 would be delivered to the PO Box on (Saturday) July 8, which is one day past the required delivery date as posted on all the Elections Notices.


Local Lodge 2799

The results of the LL2799 Endorsement/Run-off vote held on 7/15/17 are as follows:

1. Juice Bruner
2. Stephen Elder
3. (Tied for 2nd) – Shaun Junkins
4. Brent Allen (tie with 5th, coin toss Monday)
5. Greg Treadwell (toe with 4th, coin toss Monday)
6. Tony Larkin
7. Andi Petersen (tie with 8th)
8. Brian Alexander (tie with 7th)
9. Bob Gainer
10. Bobby Crawford (tie with 11th)
11. Jerome Crawford (tie with 10th)
12. Steve Groom
– There were 5 voids


District Elections

*A District Referendum Election will be conducted for:*


One (1) President/Directing Business Representative


One (1) Secretary/Treasurer


Five (5) Business Representatives


*Nominations* – June 17th at 10 am (regular LL774 meeting)


*Endorsement* (Run-Off) – July 15th, 6 am – 8 pm


*Election* – August 26th, 2017, 6 am – 8 pm


All proceedings to be held at

Machinists Hall

 3830 S. Meridian

Wichita KS 67217

District Elections


Leadership Training Classes

During the regular meeting on December 17th, these are the people that were nominated and voted for to attend training classes.



Leadership I - Russ Allen

Leadership II - Tony Johnson and Mike O'Gorman

Advanced Leadership - Mike Antonelli and Jan Marple


Thanks to all that were at the meeting to decide on your future leaders.


Train the Trainer Classes

During the regular meeting on February 18th, nominations and voting took place for two positions for Train the Trainer.



Joe Cook and Rick Green will be attending those classes



774 Election Results

President Brian Alexander
Unanimous Ballot
Tim Franta
Secretary/Treasurer Judy Pierce
Recording Secretary Sharon Jones
Conductor/Sentinel Scott Gardner
Trustees Joe Harris
Kathy Knox
Teresa Peart
Wichita/Hutchinson Labor Federation Linda Callen
Joseph Ewers
Tim Franta
Bob Gainer
Gary Hall
Susan Thompson
Kansas State Council & KS. AFL-CIO Brian Alexander
Tim Franta
Gary Hall
Shaun Junkins
Negotiators Kelly Cleaton
Craig Dutton
Rick Greene
Sharon Jones
Donovan Walker
Eddie Wheelock
District 70 Delegates Brian Alexander
Linda Callen
Gary Hall
Kurt Holtz
Kathy Knox
Judy Pierce
Union Label Delegates
Unanimous Ballot
Judy Bernhardt
Linda Callen
Darrell Dutcher
Rick Dutcher
Mark Esteb
Joseph Ewers
Bob Gainer
Scott Gardner
Marcus German
Gary Hall
Darren Holland
Kathy Knox
Linda Ligons
Jan Marple
Michael O'Gorman
Unanimous Ballot
Joe Doffing
Mark Esteb
Curtis Voldrich
Aerospace Delegates
Unanimous Ballot
Bob Gainer
Rick Greene


2016 Nominations

click for PDF


Election Notice

April 23, 2016

6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Machinists Hall

3830 S. Meridian

Wichita Ks 67217


And the nominees are:


One (1) First shift Plant Chairperson at the West Campus (Mid-Continent)

Rick Harvey


One (1) First shift Plant Chairperson at the East Campus (Beech)

Robert Hunt

Donovan Walker


One (1) First shift Plant Chairperson at Pawnee

Charlie Cowell

Craig Dutton


One (1) Second shift Plant Chairperson at the West Campus (Mid-Continent)

Dave Dunnavent


One (1) Working Second shift Plant Chairperson at Pawnee

One (1) Working Second shift Plant Chairperson at East Campus (Beech)

Rick Dutcher and Lonnie Cox



 Chili and Hobo Supper


Member Appreciation 10 Day Giveaway!

All members will be put in the drawings. If you sign-up new members, they will be added and you will get additional entries for the drawings.

$50 gift cards and 7" tablets will be hand delivered along with goodies for your crew.

All T.V.'s can be picked up at District 70 on or before December 22 by 5:00.


Day 1 December 7th Ad Ventures Gift card
$50 Visa gift card
Valerie C Rowland
Brian O Ledesma
Day 2 December 8th Ad Ventures Gift card
7" Tablet
Larry R Rapple
Travis J Cannady
Day 3 December 9th Ad Ventures Gift card
$50 Visa Gift card
Tung Q Ha
Gregory E Glover
Day 4 December 10th Ad Ventures Gift card
7" Tablet
Tam V Luu
Travis A Rosol
Day 5 December 11th Ad Venture Gift card
$50 Visa Gift card
Loan T Lam
John H Shaver
Day 6 December 14th Ad Venture Gift card
7" Tablet
Coreena J Warriner
Chad A Henning
Day 7 December 15th Ad Venture Gift card
$50 Visa Gift card
Donald L Weers
Leo E Harding
Day 8 December 16th Ad Venture Gift card
40" Samsung Smart TV
Ryan C Isaacson
Mark A Rosenhamer
Day 9 December 17th Ad Venture Gift card
48" Samsung Smart TV
Patricia A Schuyler
Douglas E Almond
Day 10 December 18th Ad Venture Gift card
60" Samsung Smart TV
William Hicks
John Wright


Congratulations to all the winners!


And don't forget to join us for the Christmas Party at The Pumphouse.



Happy Holidays from the I.A.M.


Local Lodge 774 Bylaws Change Proposal


PDF version



Local Lodge 708 Rally



Union Shirts





Contact Gerald at 648-7305 to order yours


Negotiations Update


2012 Dues

Grand Lodge    31.78

District 70    14.00

KS AFL-CIO    0.95

Wichita/Hutch Labor    0.75

Life Insurance    1.94

Light Aircraft Comm.    0.50

Local Lodge 774    6.08


Monthly Total    56.00



2011 Dues

Grand Lodge    30.73

District 70    14.60

KS AFL-CIO    0.90

Wichita/Hutch Labor    0.75

Life Insurance    1.69

Light Aircraft Comm.    0.50

Local Lodge 774    3.95


Monthly Total    53.12




A Country Without Labor Unions

nolaborWhat would a country without labor unions look like?

First, let's be clear about labor's role. The purpose of a labor union is to raise the standard of living of working people. That's really all there is to it. It's remarkably uncomplicated.

By "standard of living" we mean wages, benefits and working conditions, all of which are acknowledged by federal labor law as legitimate topics of discussion for collective bargaining.

Full Article by David Macaray....


You've got to ask yourself one question: Do I feel lucky?
Well, do you, punk?


With those words uttered by Clint Eastwood as he held a .44 Magnum revolver in "Dirty Harry," a legendary American company became an icon. Started in 1852 by Horace Smith and Daniel B. Wesson, Smith & Wesson grew out of the factories of Springfield, Mass. into the largest manufacturer of handguns in the United States. Their products have become the most commonly used weapons among law enforcement personnel.










"13 Iconic Brands Still Made In America" Yahoo article

Tell Congress and the Department of Defense:
Support the Beechcraft AT-6


Why are Americans urged to 'Buy American' but the Government is willing to go to other countries for defense contracts?


1400 American workers from 82 companies in 39 states could have benefited from this contract.


Does it really make any sense to send 1,400 jobs away from our country?
How many capable people are unemployed right now?
Why can't we, as a country, do what's right and dig ourselves out of this hole we are in?

More workers in America seems logical, more Americans have money to buy goods and services, more jobs means more income tax money for the government.

Maybe we should look at it a different way. If those 1,400 workers make an average of $17.00 per hour, then the United States Government is missing out on about $6,000,000 each year on income taxes.
Now try to imagine how much more income tax the government is missing out on from all the other jobs that have left our country. 

We need more companies like Element Electronics that are bringing jobs back to America.


For a form with a sample letter that you can send to Rep. Mike Pompeo, Sen. Pat Roberts, and Sen. Jerry Moran, click on the link below. Feel free to edit it and give your own personal touch and message to it.


Send a letter to Congress

House Bill No. 2130

Labor Organizations, Political Activity

It shall be a prohibited practice for a public employee organization to endorse candidates, spend any of its income, including any income in the form of or derived from any dues, fees, assessments or any other periodic payments, directly or indirectly, to engage in political activities

This is part of the bill that was fended off for now, but it will be back January 9, 2012. If this gets passed, it will be harder for organizations to collect money for political action.


To read the flyer from the Kansas AFL-CIO, click here

You can also go to the Kansas Legislature website to view the full bill.

Kansas Workers Compensation Law

Gov. Brownback signed into law significant changes in the Kansas Workers’ Compensation Act. These changes will be effective on May 15, 2011, and will apply to all injuries occurring after that day. Most of the changes are adverse to injured workers, especially older workers who may have preexisting conditions. As your Union attorneys, we are trying to provide this information to Union members before the law changes.

Tom Hammond
Hammond, Zongker & Farris, LLC
727 N. Waco, Suite 200

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