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Fellow Local Lodge 774 Brothers and Sisters...


The Grand Lodge has a convention every four years. As you remember, in September 2008 we sent our elected Local Lodge 774 delegates to the convention to conduct the business of the International Association of Machinists.

The International had proposed to peg dues to 2% of gross wages, which would have about doubled our dues. That proposal failed to gather enough votes from the delegates present to pass. Our delegation lobbied against this proposal and in concert with other "Right to work for less" state delegations were successful in passing an alternative.

 The budget of the International is about $100 million per year in fixed costs. When we had more members this budget could be met without an increase. The debate leading up to the Grand Lodge Convention was whether enough had been done to cut expenses to reflect our loss of members. The International made the case that to further cut expenses would cut services in the long run to members, and our elected delegates felt they made their case. However, the numbers shown to the delegates meant that the shortfall could be made up with a lower dues increase than asked for, and that's what ultimately prevailed. The delegates also felt that going to a percentage increase was not a good idea for several reasons and voted it down.

However, this still left the issue of the International running in the red. We will review the International's funding again at the next Grand Lodge meeting, if necessary.


2014 Dues

Grand Lodge    32.64

District 70    14.35

KS AFL-CIO    1.00

Wichita/Hutch Labor    0.75

Life Insurance    1.94

Strike Fund    0.50

Local Lodge 774    8.78


Monthly Total    59.96